Ask any small business owner what their biggest challenge is; most will say finding good help. It’s now different in the cleaning business, in fact, it may be even harder. Cleaning jobs are not glamorous by any means. Cleaning is hard work and takes dedication and an eye for detail. There are many people who actually enjoy cleaning and are very good at it. We’ve created this site for them, and for employers to find and hire them.

Running a small business is a grueling process sometimes, especial if you’re experiencing growth. Growing is great, but you cannot effectively run your business without hiring people. Most small business owners wear many hats to run their operation. Posting cleaning jobs, screening job applicants, setting up interviews, it’s all very time-consuming.

We hope to help in this process, not only by offering a free place to post cleaning jobs, but we hope to add additional services as well, such as prescreening and qualifying applicants. If you own a cleaning service please feel free to post any job openings that you have. Let us know what we can do to help you!