If you have done any hiring for your cleaning business you’ve probably made a few bad decisions. It happens, we have all done it at some point in time. You have a position to fill, you’re in a hurry, the applicant seemed great so you gave them a try. A few weeks later, you know that you’ve made a bad hiring decision. Hindsight is always 20/20 and it’s easy to look back and see your mistake.

The truth is, no matter how careful you are, you really don’t know how well someone will do until you actually give them a job. Does that mean it’s hopeless? Of course not! With a simple approach, you can streamline your hiring process and eliminate much of the headaches along the way.

Our Hiring Approach:

  1. Begin with the end in mind – know exactly what the position entails and have it spelled out in writing for your job applicants.
  2. Always be looking for talent – do not wait until you are desperate and need people immediately. The pressure will cause you to make a poor decision.
  3. Have your screening process on autopilot. A simple web form or questionnaire can weed out the time wasters.
  4. Pre-qualify before you schedule an interview – a first impression on the phone goes a long way, go with your gut if someone does not sound like a good fit.
  5. Always check references and verify previous employment.
  6. Have a backup plan if the applicant does not work out, be sure that they understand it’s a two week trial period.
  7. Spend the proper amount of time required to train them – the last thing you need is an untrained employee!

Hiring is the lifeblood of your cleaning business. it needs to be a top priority to effectively grow. If you have cleaning jobs to fill then feel free to use our job posing section on our website.